The money app that loves music.

Dear music makers — We love you for making music. To show our appreciation we made the world’s first FREE banking app designed and developed especially for musicians, DJs, songwriters, producers and performers…for all of you who make money making music. Sincerely, Nerve.

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This app rocks.

Nerve also hip-hops. Jazzes. Blues. Zydecos. Dubs. Traps. It loves music. All music. It helps music thrive because it helps musicians make money so they can make more music. It’s a virtuous cycle made possible by banking tools that help you turn your music into a business.

Free FDIC-INSURED Business Debit and Savings.

It stands for Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and it means your hard-earned money is protected. It’s like a 6’6” bouncer watching the door of your bank account.

Master your money.

The Nerve app gives you hard data. Track what’s happening in your Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, Soundcloud, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Know what’s going out. What’s coming in. The more you respect your money the more money you’ll have.

The power of collaboration.

Now more than ever, music is about collaboration. With other artists. Promotors. Producers. Platforms. Nerve has the tools you need to stay connected with the people who can help you bring your music to the world and get you paid for it.

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