The banking app that’s all about the music.

Straight outta Austin

Nerve was founded on the streets of Austin by John Waupsh and Ben Morrison, two crazy fintech guys who love music and money. The idea for a startup bank came to them after talking to musicians who basically said “hey, we need a bank that gets us.” And so they built Nerve to cater to the specific financial needs of musicians, DJs, songwriters, rappers, producers, buskers…anyone who makes money with music.

Why Nerve

Because music is one of the most important things in the world and we want to help you make more music.

Why Nerve
  • Because most musicians are better with music than money.

    Helping you take care of your money will help you make more music. So we created the first banking app built specifically to help you manage and make the most of their money. So you can focus on the music.

  • Because did you know a guitar is a business expense?

    Well, it is. We want to help you better understand the music business. So Nerve gives you the tools to manage, move and make money.

  • Because other banks make it impossible for musicians to bank.

    Most banks ask for your last two years of tax statements, articles of incorporation, various documents and potentially a urine sample. Ok, not the urine sample but that would be the easy part. Most people who make music for a living just give up and open a personal account for their business. That’s not OK.

How we did it and do it

We basically stripped away all the pain associated with opening and maintaining a bank account and kept the parts that make banks great. Almost like if Rick Rubin produced the Nerve app.

How we did it and do it
  • Easier than Sunday morning.

    We created Nerve for the specific needs of musicians and music makers. The first need ya’ll have is a place for your money. With Nerve, it’s never been easier for a musician to open a bank account. No paper work is needed. Just sign up and you’re pretty much ready to track earnings and royalties, collaborate with and pay other musicians and help you turn the love into cash.

  • Track that bread.

    Track your followers and listeners on Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, Soundcloud, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter. Pay your band. Pay your producer. Pay yourself. Pay and get paid, baby.

  • The music business has evolved since you started reading this sentence.

    Nerve stays on top of what’s happening the music and banking business so you can stay on top of your finances. With cutting-edge data tracking, FDIC-insured business debit & savings, and custom tools that empower you to master your money. Even those of you who cringe from the phrases “empower” and “cutting-edge.”

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