The banking app for music creators.

Get free business banking in 1 minute
FDIC-insured・55,000 fee-free ATMs・Free instant payments
No minimum balance・No hidden fees

Available on iOS and Android

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Reinventing the music
business since 2021.

Your music business.
All in one place.

Get that data. Track and receive royalties. View your stats for Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, Soundcloud, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter. Tag your transactions so you know what’s coming in and what’s going out. Get eyes on your money and watch it grow.

The only banking account with collabs.

Collaboration is what makes music go. Nerve lets you collab with other artists and people in the industry - build your network, send money, get money, cross promote. Nerve-to-nerve instant payments will change the way you network and do business. And you decide who knows you’re on Nerve. We’ll never announce to the world that you’re on Nerve. No matter how proud we are to have someone like you as a customer.

Zero paperwork required.

You don't even need a name for your band.

You want to treat your music like a business, but you don’t want to go through the pain of opening a business account. Welcome to Nerve. The banking account for musicians. No documents required. No notarized seals. No suits. Just a smart, simple way to manage the money you make from making music.

We’re not your typical bank.

We are built solely to serve music creators and the business banking needs you never knew you had.

What if your bandmates could see everything happening in your band's checking account? What if your banking app helped you keep an eye on your royalty streams and when they land (or don't)? What if it tracked your business expenses - including those instant payments you make to bandmates?

With Nerve you’ll not only get a beautiful app built for your business, but you'll also have the security of free, FDIC-insured debit & savings thanks to our relationship with Piermont Bank. You’ll also have access to 55,000 fee-free ATMs, automated savings tools and, yes, a debit card you can use to buy a new Stratocaster.…or lunch. Whichever is more important.

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